Intel and Samsung working towards sub-£250 4K monitors

The new partnership will half the price of both 4K monitors and all-in-one PCs featuring the technology and bring them into the crosshairs of some consumers.Read more:

相關內容: price that have monitors Samsung with will down di

4K Laptop with Powerful Guts, Discounted iPads, and More Deals

Are you sitting down? Here's a $1000 laptop with a Core i7 processor, NVIDIA GeForce 860M GPU, 256GB SSD, and 16GB of RAM. Pretty great!Read more...

AWS continues to rule the roost in the cloud market

Worldwide cloud spending on the up as the pandemic rages on.

Covid has made more companies think digital-first

With new technologies, businesses can move through the pandemic with more resilience, ending up with a better understanding of their markets.

Most firms still don't have a secure remote access solution in place

Many are considering SASE.

Businesses set for IoT spending spree

IoT-related cost-saving capabilities are easy to justify.

What it really means to be cloud native

What does it mean to be a cloud native company and why bother?

Employees are being forgotten in digital transformation journey

Low employee engagement identified as key reason for failure to digitize effectively.

Mobile accounting - Is it the future

How accountants can utilize their time with cloud technology.

Thursday Threat Report: Simplelocker Android malware, two weeks to beat Crytpolocker, and the attack

We round up the three biggest threats you need to be aware of this week, including a nasty new breed of Android malware, the FBI's two-week warning on cryptolocker, and a mysterious hacking group.Read more: http://www.itproportal.

Nokia set to continue down Android path with X2 launch

The Finnish company looks set to follow up February's Mobile World Congress bombshell with the launch of the Nokia X2 later this month. Read more:

Twitter eyes up Soundcloud, Pandora and Spotify for potential acquisition

Recent rumours have suggested that Twitter is looking to acquire music streaming service Soundcloud. Now it appears that Pandora and Spotify are also in the picture.Read more:



微軟也要推出智能手表 蘋果將面臨新壓力


OS X 10.10我們希望看到10大改變:全新設計

WWDC 2014蘋果開發者大會召開在即,除了主角iOS 8以及傳聞中的新硬件和服務,另一個最有可能出現的則是OS X 10.10系統。


家財萬貫,也不過日食三餐。對于國人來說,吃是既日常又很講究的事情。在硬件復興的當口,硬件開始變成數據的采集者, […]


據廣州日報報道,本月7日,深圳的姚小姐在公益法援平臺的支持下,將蘋果公司告上了法庭,要求法院判令蘋果公司公開其在iphone上預裝軟件是否存在監控與竊取用戶私密信息的功能,以及就不能自由卸載預裝軟件的問題在有全國影響的媒體上公開賠禮道歉?! ?

FCC Mandates Text-to-911 From All US Wireless Carriers

An anonymous reader writes "On Friday, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) voted to require all U.S. wireless carriers and popular messaging applications to support texting to emergency response units via 911. AT&T, Verizon, Sprint,

決策樹介紹 - 郭佳盛哈哈

決策樹(decision tree) 決策樹:是一種基本的分類和回歸方法。它是基于實例特征對實例進行分類的過程,我們可以認為決策樹就是很多if-then的規則集合。

IFA 2014: Samsung Galaxy Note 4 hits Phones4u in exclusive gold colourway

Phones4u has exclusivity on the gold-cased device in the UK for eight weeks after its release and the retailer has yet to reveal the exact release date for the new smartphone.Read more:


在@Scale 2014大會上,來自Facebook和Instagram的工程師做了題為《Scaling Android Apps for Emerging Markets》的演講,就如何面對不同的Android設備和不同的網絡連接速度改進其應用的表現分享了相關經驗。 By Abel Avram Translated by 臧秀濤

玩得就是“互相利用”:索尼牽手Spotify推出PlayStation Music

有關注美國鄉村音樂或者泰勒·斯威夫特(Taylor Swift)的人,想必對她與流媒體音樂服務提供商Spoti […]

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