Amazon just made its first legit delivery via drone

Amazon Prime Air is bringing packages to customers in 30 minutes or less using its new fleet of drones. Read more...More about Mashable Video, Shipping, Online Retail, Retail, and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

One Twitter account is reposting everything Trump tweets. It was suspended within 3 days.

"This account will tweet what the President tweets," Twitter account SuspendThePres posted on May 29. "Let's see if it gets suspended for violating twitters [terms of service]."Approximately 68 hours later, SuspendThePres was suspended for violating Twitter's rules against glorifying violence.

Elizabeth Warren and her very good dog Bailey joined the Washington D.C. protests

Less than half an hour before the official curfew started in Washington D.C.,thousands of protesters were still walking peacefully in the streets of the capital. Among them were Sen. Elizabeth Warren, her husband Bruce Mann, and their dog Bailey.Dressed in sensible beige shorts, sneakers,

When coronavirus masks become 'I can't breathe' protest signs

Before George Floyd died while a police officer knelt on his neck for nearly nine minutes, he rasped "I can't breathe."It was the same gut-wrenching phrase uttered by Eric Garner when a New York cop had him in a chokehold before he died in 2014.

Zuckerberg really said Trump's 'shooting' comment has 'no history' as a 'dog whistle'

You'd think all that money could buy a history lesson.?In leaked audio obtained by Recode, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg told his employees Tuesday that Trump's incitement to violence —?hosted by, and spread via Facebook — could remain on the site because it only encouraged "excessive policing.

Facebook wanted to offer him a job. Here’s why he publicly turned it down.

Facebook employees are taking a stand over CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s inaction towards President Donald Trump’s inflammatory posts promoting violence against protestors. This week, at least two employees have already resigned from the company.

The 49ers, Kaepernick's last NFL team, criticized for Blackout Tuesday post

The San Francisco 49ers — the NFL franchise that infamously helped push Colin Kaepernick out of the league — posted in support of the Black Lives Matter movement and used the hashtag #BlackoutTuesday in a tweet on Tuesday.?Folks were obviously pretty quick to point out the hypocrisy.

This poolside table charges your phone through solar power — Future Blink

The Suntable solar-powered charging table gives your phone easy access to an energy source while poolside. Read more...More about Tech, Mashable Video, Solar Energy, Smartphone Accessories, and Charging Station

IBM's Watson supercomputer discovers 5 new genes linked to ALS

IBM Watson is known for its work in identifying cancer treatments and beating contestants on Jeopardy! But now the computing system has expertise in a new area of research: neuroscience.?Watson discovered five genes linked to ALS, sometimes called Lou Gehrig's disease, IBM announced on Wednesday.

This $30,000 ugly Christmas sweater is for fancy people

It should be a comfort to know that the world's most expensive Christmas sweater still checks off the "ugly" box.Sparkle enthusiasts Swarovski and Tipsy Elves have combined glittering forces to create this $30,000 sweater, which took 52 hours to make and is encrusted with 24,274 Swarovski crystals.

Poor reporter wipes out on an electric scooter on live TV

The local news loves to put its reporters into situations that will surely land them in disaster.FOX 11 recently ran a holiday gift segment where they tested out some of the hottest gadgets of the season, and to end the clip,





#Google I/O 2014# Google收購應用測試平臺Appurify,為開發者提供App測試服務

在剛剛進行的Google I/O大會上,Google宣布收購應用測試平臺Appurify,為開發者提供App測試服務。Appurify是一家成立于2012年的公司,總部在舊金山,累計已經獲得了630萬美元的融資,投資方里就有Google。


《鏈接:商業、科學與生活的新思維》的作者是巴拉巴西教授,這本書深刻的解釋了從非互聯網時代到互聯網時代以及以后的 […]

Sorry Android users, there's no free Apple Music option for you

Android users who plan to sign up for Apple Music will have to pay up.Unlike on iOS, Mac and PC, where there's a free membership option (with Apple ID login) with extremely limited features, there will be no such thing for Android users.See also: Apple Music is a major mess,





內存泄露從入門到精通三部曲之排查方法篇 - 騰訊bugly

騰訊Bugly特約作者: 姚潮生最原始的內存泄露測試 重復多次操作關鍵的可疑的路徑,從內存監控工具中觀察內存曲線,是否存在不斷上升的趨勢且不會在程序返回時明顯回落。

三星Galaxy S7/S7 Edge高清渲染圖泄露

各種各樣的諜照陸續泄露之后,三星的兩個新機皇Galaxy S7、Galaxy S7 Edge終于以最清晰的方式展現在了我們面前。就在剛剛,爆料達人@OnLeaks一口氣放出了二者的大批官方渲染圖,各自都有黑、白、金三種色調,都展示了正面、側面和背面。S7、S7 Edge都采用了相當圓潤的造型,尤其是背部四個邊緣都有很大的弧度(S7 Edge因為前面有側面屏的緣故背面弧度小于S7),感覺有點像Galaxy S6、Galaxy S3的結合體,不得不說顏值真的相當相當高。

Latest Xbox One preview build adds feedback notification, fixes party chat bug

Microsoft has rolled out a new Xbox One preview build for those who are participating in the preview program. This new build is?th2_xb_rel_1603.160311-1900 and is rolling out now. Here’s what’s been fixed: Fixed an...The post Latest Xbox One preview build adds feedback notification,

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