NSA Has Reverse-Engineered Popular Consumer Anti-Virus Software In Order To Track Users

The NSA and its British counterpart the GCHQ have put extensive effort into hacking popular security software products to “track users and infiltrate networks,” according to the latest round of Snowden docs unearthed today by The Intercept. Read More

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LanzaJet launches to make renewable jet fuel a reality

Over a fifteen year stretch, LanzaTech has developed technologies that can turn carbon emissions into ethanol that can be used for chemicals and fuel. Today, the company announced the spinout of LanzaJet alongside its corporate partners Mitsui, Suncor, and All Nippon Airways,

Facebook strikes global licensing deal with Indian music label Saregama

Facebook said on Wednesday it has entered into a global deal with Saregama, one of India’s oldest music labels, to license its music for video and other social experiences across its eponymous service and Instagram. This partnership,

Workforce training app developer Poka adds strategic investor Schneider Electric

Poka, a workforce training app and software service for industrial companies, has added SE Ventures, the venture capital arm of the European energy and automation conglomerate Schneider Electric to its roster of backers.

Facebook and PayPal invest in Southeast Asian ride-hailing giant GoJek

Facebook and PayPal have made investments in GoJek, joining Google and Tencent among other high-profile technology companies that have backed the five-year-old Southeast Asian ride-hailing firm that has expanded to food delivery and mobile payments in recent years. Facebook,

Google pulls ‘Remove China Apps’ from Play Store

Remove China Apps, an app that gained popularity in India in recent weeks and did exactly what its name suggests, has been pulled from the Play Store. The top trending app in India,

Bird shuts down Circ operations in Middle East, scraps as many as 10,000 scooters

Bird has shut down scooter sharing in several cities in the Middle East, an operation that was managed by Circ, the micromobility startup it acquired in January. About 100 Circ employees have been laid off and as many as 10,

BBC releases first beta of its Beeb voice assistant to UK Windows Insider members

Back in August 2019, the BBC made some waves with the news that it was developing a voice assistant called Beeb, an English language “Alexa” of its own that could interact with and control its array of radio and TV services, and its on-demand catalogue,

Hadoop Standardization Is Essential For Industry Growth

There’s no doubt that as data grows, Hadoop has proven to be the platform of choice for big data. According to Allied Market Research, the Hadoop market is worth an estimated $3 billion, and will surpass $50 billion by the end of the decade.

Swarm Brings Back Mayors

Mayorships. Enthusiastic users of the old foursquare likely feel a little pull at the heartstrings when they hear the word, given that the title was totally removed from both the new Foursquare and Swarm when the company split the app into two. But fret no longer, former mayors. Today,

Chevrolet’s First CarPlay-Enabled Cars Are Rolling Off The Production Line

Chevy announced earlier this year it would be bringing Apple’s CarPlay to production vehicles this year, and now those first cars with the infotainment feature from Apple are rolling off the line and going out to dealerships and consumers.

Nodejs初階之express - 聶微東




[視頻]“全球真正意義上的電波手表”--The Cesium 133


PHK: HTTP 2.0 Should Be Scrapped

Via the HTTP working group list comes a post from Poul-Henning Kamp proposing that HTTP 2.0 (as it exists now) never be released after the plan of adopting Google's SPDY protocol with minor changes revealed flaws that SPDY/HTTP 2.0 will not address. Quoting: "The WG took the prototype SPDY was,

概念變現實 三星“三屏可折疊”設備2015年初或發布



上海2014年7月3日電 /美通社/ -- 英國倫敦最頂級的豪宅正式向中國買家敞開大門!國內買家不出國門,就能近距離接觸到倫敦頂級房產。這一切,得益于全球最大的中文國家房產平臺居外網(Juwai.

加州參議院通過防盜機制法案 蘋果早有準備

威鋒網訊,今年的早些時候,加州的參議院?Mark?Leno?出臺了一項新的法案,這項法案,要求手機制造商為他們所有的手機都安裝“kill?switch”反偷竊技術,這可以讓即使手機被盜后,小偷也無法對此進行操作?! ?



Heroic dog saves entire litter of puppies from a forest fire

A brave mother dog saved all nine of her puppies from a raging forest fire near Valparaíso, Chile this weekThe hero mom was unable to move the litter away from danger, so she dug a hole under a metal container and hid them from harm, Telemundo reportsSee also:

Rick Ross arrested for pistol-whipping a construction worker

Rick Ross was arrested at his mansion south of Atlanta Wednesday morning on charges related to his pistol-whipping a construction worker, according to the Associated Press.See also: Big Bird is actually a really solid rapperThe 39-old-rapper was taken into custody for kidnapping,

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