LanzaJet launches to make renewable jet fuel a reality

Over a fifteen year stretch, LanzaTech has developed technologies that can turn carbon emissions into ethanol that can be used for chemicals and fuel. Today, the company announced the spinout of LanzaJet alongside its corporate partners Mitsui, Suncor, and All Nippon Airways,

Paytm, Vijay Shekhar Sharma to acquire insurance firm Raheja QBE for $76M

Paytm, India’s most valuable startup, and its co-founder and chief executive, Vijay Shekhar Sharma, announced on Monday they have reached an agreement to acquire insurance firm Raheja QBE for a sum of $76 million as the financial services startup looks to tap the nation’s booming insurance market.

Uber reportedly agrees to acquire Postmates for $2.65 billion

Uber has reportedly agreed to buy Postmates in an all-stock deal worth $2.65 billion. According to Bloomberg, the deal may be announced on Monday morning. Like other travel- and transportation-related businesses, Uber’s ride-hailing segment has been negatively impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic,

Lydia expands credit offering in partnership with Younited Credit

French startup Lydia is announcing a new partnership with Younited Credit, which lets you borrow anything between €500 and €3,000 and pay back within 6 to 36 months. The feature will be released in France at some point during the summer.

The Station: The startups edition

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Original Content podcast: ‘Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga’ is a goofy delight

The new Netflix comedy “Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga” ?should win anyone over, even if you’re not a huge Will Ferrell fan and have no idea what Eurovision is. The film stars Ferrell and Rachel McAdams as the titular Icelandic musical duo,

Facebook makes education push in India

Facebook, which reaches more users than any other international firm in India, has identified a new area of opportunity to further spread its tentacles in the world’s second largest internet market. On Sunday,

Rocket Lab launch fails during rocket’s second stage burn, causing a loss of vehicle and payloads

Rocket Lab’s ‘Pic or it didn’t happen’ launch on Saturday ended in failure, with a total loss of the Electron launch vehicle and all seven payloads on board. The launch vehicle experienced a failure during the second stage burn post-launch,

Facebook strikes global licensing deal with Indian music label Saregama

Facebook said on Wednesday it has entered into a global deal with Saregama, one of India’s oldest music labels, to license its music for video and other social experiences across its eponymous service and Instagram. This partnership,

Workforce training app developer Poka adds strategic investor Schneider Electric

Poka, a workforce training app and software service for industrial companies, has added SE Ventures, the venture capital arm of the European energy and automation conglomerate Schneider Electric to its roster of backers.

Facebook and PayPal invest in Southeast Asian ride-hailing giant GoJek

Facebook and PayPal have made investments in GoJek, joining Google and Tencent among other high-profile technology companies that have backed the five-year-old Southeast Asian ride-hailing firm that has expanded to food delivery and mobile payments in recent years. Facebook,

Fedora19 搭建LAMP環境 - zengxin

Fedora19 搭建LAMP環境一、安裝Mysqlsudo yum install mysql mysql-server設置開機啟動:sudo chkconfig --levels 235 mysqld on查看是否安裝了mysql:rpm -qa|grep -i mysql啟動:sudo ser...

'He Needs Some Loving': Family Dog Found Alive in Mudslide Rubble

A family dog is getting some extra loving this week after he was pulled from the rubble of a home that was destroyed by a devastating mudslide.Buddy, a chocolate lab, was left at home in Darrington, Wash. on Saturday morning when his owners, the Kuntz family, left for a baseball game.

逛逛TechCrunch Disrupt紐約大會巴西展區

我們快速游覽了一下TechCrunch Disrupt紐約大會的巴西展區,看看該市場現在有哪些公司。點開視頻看看吧。(譯:羽騰) A Walk Around The Brazilian Pavilion At TechCrunch Disrupt, New York


4月份時,華擎(ASRock)推出了一款采用四核Bay Trail處理器的Mini-ITX主板,名為Q1900B-ITX,這款產品依賴于傳統的ATX電源。今天華擎再推了一款Q1900DC-ITX,這款主板的特點則在于采用DC電源輸入。

拍《變形金剛4》的3D數碼攝像機 全球僅三臺


題目1006:ZOJ問題 - 00000H

題目描述:對給定的字符串(只包含'z','o','j'三種字符),判斷他是否能AC。是否AC的規則如下:1. zoj能AC;2. 若字符串形式為xzojx,則也能AC,其中x可以是N個'o' 或者為空;3. 若azbjc 能AC,則azbojac也能AC,其中a,b,

Firefox Hello Does Account-Free Video Chat

Parent-calling-avoiders of the world have never had it worse: Skype, Hangouts and FaceTime are all stellar and free programs that mean that you've got basically no reason for ignoring forgetting your parents' wedding anniversary. But Firefox wants to add to that list,

We Are Spartan!全新瀏覽器隨 Windows 10 推出

自 Windows 10 開始,Microsoft 開展了全新稱為「Project Spartan」的瀏覽器體驗(唔知最後會唔會都叫番 IE)。它的最大特點,就是原生支援觸控或以傳統鍵盤 / 滑鼠操控,以及結合 Cortana 的資料搜尋功能。The post We Are Spartan!

蘋果百度深度合作 為Siri帶來百度百科整合

威鋒網訊,Siri 是蘋果從 iPhone 4s 開始便內置在系統的一項語音助手,國內的用戶在使用蘋果服務的時候可能往往都會想到這個問題-本地化。

格力手機線上開賣 售價1599元配置一般


? 云聚網互聯網資訊 我要投稿 云聚網博客 DeepHub IMBA

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