Facebook strikes global licensing deal with Indian music label Saregama

Facebook said on Wednesday it has entered into a global deal with Saregama, one of India’s oldest music labels, to license its music for video and other social experiences across its eponymous service and Instagram. This partnership,

YouTube bans thousands of Chinese accounts to combat ‘coordinated influence operations’

YouTube has banned a large number of Chinese accounts it said were engaging in “coordinated influence operations” on political issues, the company announced today. 2,596 accounts from China alone were taken down from April to June, compared with 277 in the first three months of 2020.

Black Founders Matter, a fund focused on Black entrepreneurs, makes first investment

Too often, Black founders are locked out of Silicon Valley before they even have a chance to get started, Marceau Michel, founder of venture capital firm Black Founders Matter, tells TechCrunch. “It’s important we’re looking at the social justice movement from very different places,” Michel says.

Match confirms plans for Tinder Platinum, a new top-level subscription for power users, arriving Q4

Tinder is testing a new top-level subscription plan, Tinder Platinum, which it expects to roll out before year-end. The news of the coming service was announced this week by Tinder parent Match Group during its Q2 2020 earnings call with investors.

Instagram’s hashtag searches gave Trump better treatment than Biden

Instagram apparently handled searches for popular hashtags related to the two presidential candidates differently, pointing Joe Biden search queries toward often negative related hashtags while making no such suggestions in corresponding searches pertaining to President Trump.

DoorDash launches a convenience store

On-demand delivery startup DoorDash has launched a digital storefront to sell household items, as well as the types of things you’d find at a convenience store. So, chips, ice cream, spices, and packaged foods from local restaurants. Called DashMart,

Krisp snags $5M A round as demand grows for its voice-isolating algorithm

Krisp’s smart noise suppression tech, which silences ambient sounds and isolates your voice for calls, arrived just in time. The company got out in front of the global shift to virtual presence,

The story behind Rent the Runway’s first check

When Rent the Runway co-founders Jennifer Fleiss and Jennifer Hyman got their first term sheet, it had an exploding clause in it: If they didn’t sign the offer in 24 hours, they would lose the deal. The co-founders, then students at Harvard Business School, were ready to commit,

Workforce training app developer Poka adds strategic investor Schneider Electric

Poka, a workforce training app and software service for industrial companies, has added SE Ventures, the venture capital arm of the European energy and automation conglomerate Schneider Electric to its roster of backers.

Facebook and PayPal invest in Southeast Asian ride-hailing giant GoJek

Facebook and PayPal have made investments in GoJek, joining Google and Tencent among other high-profile technology companies that have backed the five-year-old Southeast Asian ride-hailing firm that has expanded to food delivery and mobile payments in recent years. Facebook,

Google pulls ‘Remove China Apps’ from Play Store

Remove China Apps, an app that gained popularity in India in recent weeks and did exactly what its name suggests, has been pulled from the Play Store. The top trending app in India,





字符串類習題、面試題詳解(第二篇) - 青藜學士


15 cutest kids that made 2014 a little brighter

Apparently, 2014 was a great year for painfully adorable kidsAmong the standout moments brought to us by the Internet's favorite children were clumsy dance routines, existential questions and an unfortunate situation with a Minion costume. Millions of YouTube views later,

Keep Calm & Design!26個來自英國最優秀的網頁設計

如果你也著迷英倫風,那么你一定那句耳熟能詳的“Keep Calm and Carry On”,這句著名的標語可以向上追溯到1939年。隨著英倫風在世界...

5 Seconds of Summer just revived the doge meme for some strange reason

Leave it to an Australian boy band to revive a meme you probably haven't seen in two years.On Wednesday, 5 Seconds of Summer inexplicably changed its Twitter name to "DOGE SOS" and updated its Twitter profile and header photos to pictures of the Internet's favorite shiba inu.See also:

This Is How Prosthetic Eyes are Made

A small, highly skilled team at Moorfields Eye Hospital transform the lives of people who have lost their eyes to accidents and disease. Each year, they work with their clients to create around 1,400 customized, detailed prosthetics, many of which replace eyes. Here’s how.Read more...

Hard-to-watch Cara Delevingne interview combines missed sarcasm with awkward questions

LONDON -– There's nothing quite so agonising as watching an interview derail.Whether due to strange questions, general miscommunication, or the interviewee not really wanting to be there — or, in the case of Cara Delevingne's recent interview on Good Day Sacramento,

[視頻]John Oliver在節目中炮轟美國荒謬的性教育體系

作為一個看起來就很不嚴肅的喜劇型主持,囧橄欖(John Oliver)在節目中所表現的三觀卻常常正直得不能再正直。在最新一期的《上周今夜秀》(Last Week Tonight)中,小囧又對美國荒謬的性教育體系進行了炮轟。

喬布斯遺作 蘋果新總部大樓主體結構接近完成

環形建筑上開始安裝巨型玻璃,主體結構部分施工已經接近完成,第一款在新總部地下禮堂發布的產品會是?威鋒網1月10日消息 作為喬布斯最后的作品,蘋果新總部園區Campus 2的建設工作還在有條不紊地進行中,進展情況 ... ...

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