Cliqz pulls the plug on a European anti-tracking alternative to Google search

Cliqz, a Munch-based anti-tracking browser with private search baked in that has sought to offer a local alternative to Google powered by its own search index, is shutting down — claiming this arm of its business has been blindsided by the coronavirus crisis. Today was not great.

Cowboy releases updated e-bike with new carbon belt

Electric-bike maker Cowboy has released a new iteration of its bike, the Cowboy 3. It’s a relatively small update that should make the experience better for newcomers. The first orders will be delivered at the end of July and the Cowboy 3 is now slightly more expensive at €2,290 or £1,990 ($2,500).

Nielsen finds connected TV viewing remains higher than pre-COVID-19 levels, despite lockdowns liftin

The significant increases in TV watching and streaming services that were seen during the COVID-19 lockdowns in the U.S. may represent the new normal, new data from Nielsen suggests. During the height of the lockdowns, the weekly time spent watching connected TVs grew alongside overall media use,

A new Java-based ransomware targets Windows and Linux

Security researchers have discovered a new kind of ransomware that uses a little-known Java file format to make it more difficult to detect before it detonates its file-encrypting payload.

Global smartphone shipments set to drop 12% in 2020

Another troubling report for the smartphone industry this week. This time the numbers come from IDC, which puts shipments at an 11.9% year-over-year decline for 2020. The number reflects a steep drop off in Q1,

Sourcing software provider Keelvar raises $18M from Elephant and Mosaic

It was perhaps not until the COVID-19 pandemic hit the planet that most of us had ever heard or uttered the phrase “supply chain”. But in a global economy that had become drunk and lazy on ‘just in time ordering’ and similar, the threat to supply chains of things like, oh, food, from that pesky […]

Top cybersecurity VCs share how COVID-19 has changed investing

The coronavirus pandemic is, without doubt, the greatest challenge the world has faced in a generation. But the wheels of the world keep turning, albeit slower than during normal times. But where the world has faced challenges, the cybersecurity industry remains largely unscathed. In fact,

Unpacking ZoomInfo’s IPO as the firm starts to trade

My read of this odd deal is that it demonstrates that the IPO window is reasonably open, even today.

Bó, the digital bank developed by RBS-owned Natwest, is to shutter

Bó, the digital bank developed by RBS-owned Natwest, is to shutter, just 6 months after launching publicly. The incumbent bank’s consumer challenger brand was an attempt to build a startup within a larger bank and in the longer term compete with trendy upstart banking apps, such as Monzo, Revolut,

Streaming service Hooq shuts down, ends partnerships with Disney’s Hotstar, Grab and others

Hooq, a five-year-old on-demand video streaming service that aimed to become “Netflix for Southeast Asia,” has shut down weeks after filing for liquidation and terminated its partnerships with Disney’s Hotstar, ride-hailing giant Grab, and Indonesia’s VideoMax. Hooq Digital,

Monzo recruits former Amex exec Sujata Bhatia as its new COO

More personnel changes are afoot at Monzo, as the U.K. challenger bank continues to bolster its leadership team. Specifically, TechCrunch has learned that Sujata Bhatia, a former American Express executive in Europe, has been recruited as Monzo’s new Chief Operating Officer,




??現代宇宙學的一個重要理論是宇宙誕生于創世大爆炸。大爆炸(Big Bang)不僅僅是一個理論而且有眾多證據支持,這些證據包括宇宙微波背景輻射和宇宙的持續膨脹。

初頁:用手機也能制作出 HTML5 頁面的應用

“初頁” 這個產品做得風生水起。 你還記得 8 月份,我們的 TechCrunch 北京峰會的邀請函嗎?初頁就是那本可以左右、上下翻頁的“音樂雜志”。你可以掃描下方圖片的二維碼進行回顧。 初頁是一款面向 C 端的… Read More

用戶報告 2015款13英寸MBP出現界面卡頓

威鋒網訊,蘋果在?3?月的春季發布會上推出了全新的?2015?年款?MacBook?Pro,相比去年的型號,新款?MacBook?有一定程度的改進?! ?

[視頻]John Oliver在節目中炮轟美國荒謬的性教育體系

作為一個看起來就很不嚴肅的喜劇型主持,囧橄欖(John Oliver)在節目中所表現的三觀卻常常正直得不能再正直。在最新一期的《上周今夜秀》(Last Week Tonight)中,小囧又對美國荒謬的性教育體系進行了炮轟。

英媒:冰凍卵子成功受孕率極低 成功生育率2%


最完美的一作 《最終幻想6》確認登陸PC平臺

早前 PEGI 機構的網站泄露了《最終幻想 6》PC 版的存在。就在人們還在半信半疑的時候,它真的來了?!蹲罱K幻想 6》的購買頁面目前已經在 Steam 商店中上線,12 月 16 日正式開售。

Apple Music會員你續費了?為何國內如此不好混



360互聯網安全中心近日發布《2015年中國互聯網安全報告》,報告涵蓋“惡意程序、釣魚網站、電信騷擾、網絡詐騙 ...

電動汽車電池生產商排行:松下占40%居第一 比亞迪第二

根據EV?Sales披露的數據顯示,2015年松下仍然是最大的電動汽車電池生產商,比亞迪和LG化學繼續增長。2015年松下消費型電動汽車鋰電池銷量達到4552兆瓦時(MWh,1兆瓦等于1000千瓦),市場份額40%;2014年松下銷量2726兆瓦時,市場份額41%。松下之所以占據統治地位,主要是因為它與特斯拉簽署了合作協議,特斯拉Model S和Model X安裝的電池組容量很大。

? 云聚網互聯網資訊 我要投稿 云聚網博客 DeepHub IMBA

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