Grand Theft Auto V, Doom, and more Xbox One video games are leaving Xbox Game Pass soon

The Xbox Game Pass library of video games refreshes on a very regular basis and now it’s time once again for some titles to make way for fresher ones that are set to join in the near future. Revealed today to be leaving the video game subscription service are the following titles:

Fortnite’s Chapter 2 Season 3 delayed until mid-June due to recent events

The next season of the popular Fortnite video game has been delayed a couple of times already but it’s now been delayed once again, this time due to the current events unfolding in the United States. Instead of the recently announced June 11th launch date,

Microsoft To Do app updates on iOS and Android with new filter and sort options

The Microsoft To Do app updated for both Android and iOS devices this week. Each update is quite different but both improve the ability to find and organize tasks within the apps by adding new filter and sort options. Here’s the release notes for the iOS update: You asked for it and we got it […]

Microsoft’s Mixer streaming service supports #BlackLivesMatter by making special stickers permanent

In response to everything going on in the United States at the moment, Microsoft’s video game streaming service, Mixer, has announced that they’ll be making stickers/emotes that celebrate Black and African streamers a permanent fixture within their stream chats,

Microsoft’s redesigned Xbox Store gets revealed in leaked screenshots

Pictures of a revamped Xbox Store have leaked today, showing a much better Fluent Design implementation and rounded corners that are consistent with the new Xbox app on Windows 10.

Microsoft Edge Canary gets new flag to run PWAs on startup

Microsoft is currently working on a new Microsoft Edge feature that will run Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) at startup on your PC.

Windows 10 Insider build 19640 is now available for Fast Ring Insiders with two minor changes

Microsoft has just announced the release of the Windows 10 Insider build 19640 for Windows Insiders in the Fast Ring, and this is another minor update with just two minor changes related to Storage Sense and the log in experience.

Japan will be a launch market for Xbox Series X this holiday season

I don’t know if we’re winning in Japan any time soon, but the position that we have in Japan today from a platform isn’t acceptable to me.

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla video game listing goes live for Microsoft’s Xbox One consoles

The Microsoft Store listing is now live for the Xbox One version of the Assassin’s Creed Valhalla video game just a day after its full official reveal. While this latest entry in the Assassin’s Creed franchise isn’t available to pre-order digitally just yet,

Fortnite video game adds new non-violent Party Royale mode for chatting and dancing

Fortnite’s new Party Royale mode is now live on Microsoft’s Xbox One consoles and other supported platforms. This new mode feels like a bit of an expansion of the recent Travis Scott event which was all about music, dance, art, and casual fun over shooting and looting.

Windows 10 May 2020 Update (20H1) gets “one more fix” – Release Preview to receive build 19041.208

Another day, another incremental Windows 10 Insider build. This time, even though it was announced last week that Release Preview ring Insiders were getting the “final build” with build 19041.207, but as it turns out, nope there’s (at least) one more build before the May 2020 Update finally ships.


[核心提示] 窮游的十年經歷了社區的內容沉淀,內容沉淀后的結構化產品,結構化產品后的移動社區構建等三個階段,產 […]

Microsoft reportedly close to buying Mojang AB, the makers of Minecraft, for $2 Billion

According to the Wall Street Journal, Microsoft is close to a deal that would see them buying Mojang AB for more than $2 billion.

有種智能防噪耳塞叫 HUSH

蘋果獲反向AirPlay專利,在iPhone上同步播放Apple TV內容

蘋果剛剛獲得了美國專利與商標局授予的一項新專利,這項專利可以讓內容在便攜式設備上同步顯示,即可以讓Apple TV這樣位置固定的設備上播放的內容,實時同步到iPhone、iPad等iOS設備上。

In A?World?Where?Email?No?Longer?Exists

Imagine the death of email. It’s hard to picture not having an inbox inundated with messages from friends, family and co-workers, constantly demanding your attention. But let’s leave that aside and focus our attention on the workforce.



Apple Revenues In China Skyrocket 112% in Q3

In light of?some pretty recent major fluctuations in the?Chinese stock market, Apple still managed to have?a stellar?quarter in?China. During?its third?quarter, the company saw 112% year-over-year revenue growth in the Greater China region, which accounts for the company’s sales in?China,

Comedian exposes private New York conversations with sneaky boom microphone

Sometimes private conversations are meant to be heard.Comedian Scott Rogowsky, armed with a boom microphone, was able to stealthily pick up random embarrassing conversations around New York. Surprisingly, it was all personal things and not stuff that actually matters (Bachelorette finale anybody?).


名叫 Tri Alpha Energy 的加州私人公司在核聚變研究上取得了一項突破:建造了一個能形成超熱氣體球的機器,并在氣體球散開前維持了5毫秒。這聽起來不是什么令人眼前一亮的成就,但研究人員停止是因為機器耗光了能量。


中國杭州2015年10月20日電 /美通社/ -- 10月18日,郭羽帶著新書《網絡英雄傳I:艾爾斯巨巖之約》和最新的移動互聯網案例,走進了浙商博物館,為浙江工商大學MBA學院的學生帶去了一堂精彩的“移動互聯時代的創業機會”的主題分享課。

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