Streaming service Hooq shuts down, ends partnerships with Disney’s Hotstar, Grab and others

Hooq, a five-year-old on-demand video streaming service that aimed to become “Netflix for Southeast Asia,” has shut down weeks after filing for liquidation and terminated its partnerships with Disney’s Hotstar, ride-hailing giant Grab, and Indonesia’s VideoMax. Hooq Digital,

Global smartphone shipments set to drop 12% in 2020

Another troubling report for the smartphone industry this week. This time the numbers come from IDC, which puts shipments at an 11.9% year-over-year decline for 2020. The number reflects a steep drop off in Q1,

Sourcing software provider Keelvar raises $18M from Elephant and Mosaic

It was perhaps not until the COVID-19 pandemic hit the planet that most of us had ever heard or uttered the phrase “supply chain”. But in a global economy that had become drunk and lazy on ‘just in time ordering’ and similar, the threat to supply chains of things like, oh, food, from that pesky […]

Top cybersecurity VCs share how COVID-19 has changed investing

The coronavirus pandemic is, without doubt, the greatest challenge the world has faced in a generation. But the wheels of the world keep turning, albeit slower than during normal times. But where the world has faced challenges, the cybersecurity industry remains largely unscathed. In fact,

Unpacking ZoomInfo’s IPO as the firm starts to trade

My read of this odd deal is that it demonstrates that the IPO window is reasonably open, even today.

The Sonos Arc is an outstanding soundbar, on its own or with friends

Sonos has been releasing new hardware at a remarkably consistent and frequent pace the past couple of years, and what’s even more impressive is that these new releases are consistently excellent performers. The new Sonos Arc soundbar definitely fits that pattern, nabs additional $4M seed to continue building AI-driven search is an early-stage startup in the alpha phase of testing its initial product, but it has an idea compelling enough to attract investment, even during a pandemic. Today the company announced an additional $4 million in seed capital to continue building its AI-driven search solution.

Fitbit gains FDA authorization for its low-cost emergency ventilator

Fitbit has secured an Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for its Fitbit Flow emergency ventilator. The ventilator hardware is low-cost, and doesn’t require very much training or expertise to use,

Monzo recruits former Amex exec Sujata Bhatia as its new COO

More personnel changes are afoot at Monzo, as the U.K. challenger bank continues to bolster its leadership team. Specifically, TechCrunch has learned that Sujata Bhatia, a former American Express executive in Europe, has been recruited as Monzo’s new Chief Operating Officer,

The ‘PuffPacket’ could help researchers learn when, how, and why people vape

Vaping is a controversial habit: it certainly has its downsides, but anecdotally it’s a fantastic smoking cessation aid. The thing is, until behavioral scientists know a bit more about who does it, when, how much, and other details, its use will continue to be something of a mystery.

Smartphone shipments dropped 13% globally, and COVID-19 is to blame

We knew it was going to be bad — but not necessarily “lowest level since 2013” bad. As Apple was busy reporting its earnings, Canalys just dropped some of its own figures — and they’re not pretty. After two quarters of much-needed growing, the global smartphone market just took a big hit.



Cloud sprawl: Do you have it, and how can you beat it?

Today's hybrid environments often result in incongruent information sourcing and storage, typically known as cloud sprawl. So how do you know if you've got it, and how can you beat it?Read more:

Nothing Says Welcome To Our Tech Conference Like a Tower of Condoms

You may never have heard of BSides Las Vegas, an annual hacker conference on information security, but they have heard of condoms. Participants in the volunteer-run event, which is sponsored by tech companies like Yelp, Microsoft,



A Beginner's Guide to Cyberwarfare

Simply put, cyberwarfare is the use of hacking to conduct attacks on a target's strategic or tactical resources for the purposes of espionage or sabotage.Read more...

Visual Studio 12無法調試Silverligh應用程序的問題 - ArcScofield

環境:Win7 Ultimate X64Visual Studio 12 (以下簡稱 VS12)Internet Explorer 9(以下簡稱 IE9)Silverlight5_x64 add-on(插件)(以下簡稱SL5插件)問題描述:更新了SL5插件后,發現再也無法調試Silverlight ...



蘋果將推Android手機換購iPhone計劃 | 極客早知道 2015 年 3 月 17 日

坐看云起時 AWS合作伙伴策略揭秘

Brian Matsubara指出,AWS在全球會擴大服務區域和數據中心規模,對于全新的地區來說,都是一開始通過有限預覽服務開始,然后逐漸加到一些核心的業務上,比如EC2、S3,中國會隨著時間的推移和寧夏數據中心

Eddy Cue稱FBI可能會要求蘋果激活iPhone攝像頭并打開麥克風

據外媒報道,蘋果互聯網軟件和服務高級副總裁Eddy Cue近日在接受Univision采訪時表示,一旦蘋果公司此次配合FBI破解圣貝納迪諾槍擊案兇手使用的iPhone,政府在未來可能會要求蘋果公司秘密配合其進行多種威脅用戶隱私及安全的行為,比如在用戶不知情的情況下遠程激活iPhone攝像頭和打開麥克風等。

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