New Microsoft Edge icon appears on latest Android beta

The new Microsoft Edge icon is now rolling out to Android users with the beta version of Microsoft Edge.?

A new experimental feature will give the Windows Terminal nostalgic CRT effects

Microsoft is giving the new Windows Terminal command-line app some CRT-like effects.

Microsoft updates docs on deploying Chromium-based Edge in organizations

There has apparently been a bit of confusion regarding the rollout of the new Edge in the enterprise world, and Microsoft has since clarified its support documentation to help organizations get ready.

This cool video pays homage to Windows’ past and Microsoft’s keyboards and mice

A retrospective video tweeted out by Microsoft leaker WalkingCat takes a look nostalgic look at older versions of Windows, as well as the history Microsoft's keyboard and mice.?

Microsoft reportedly plans to shutter Windows 10 Store for Business

Microsoft is planning to shut down the Windows 10 Microsoft Store for Business and Store for Education, according to a new report from ZDNet’s Mary Jo Foley.

CES 2020 Recap: Windows 10X on the ThinkPad X1, new laptops, dual-screen concepts, and more

Here's a recap of all the most exciting CES 2020 news.? Oh, and there's also the not-news, too.

Microsoft cloud alternatives become top pick for companies who fear Amazon retail domination

Microsoft is making it relatively more convenient for companies stepped in Office or afraid of becoming another Amazon retail statistic, to sign up for Azure.?

Microsoft introduces Bing for Commerce – intelligent search for retail websites

Microsoft has announced two solutions to help retailers online: Bing for Commerce, and Microsoft PromoteIQ.

DiRT Rally 2.0 is free to play this weekend with Xbox Live Gold

This weekend, Microsoft is offering DiRT Rally 2.0 to Xbox One owners subscribed to Xbox Live Gold, or get Gold benefits though Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

Chrome OS has failed to innovate, says Android Police

David Ruddock, the managing editor of the reputable Android blog Android Police shared his disillusionment about the state of Chrome OS in an interesting op-ed titled “Chrome OS has stalled out."

CES 2020: Samsung unveils Galaxy Book Flex Alpha 2-in-1 PC with 13.3″ QLED display

Ahead of the CES 2020 event next week, Samsung has announced its new Galaxy Book Flex Alpha, a more budget-friendly alternative to the signature Galaxy Book Flex.

Shortwave Shows Off Anonymous Chat As Another Consumer Use Case For iBeacons

Apple’s iBeacons are being trialled and demoed in retail settings all over the place, but they’re slowly becoming more interesting to average users, too. A new app called Shortwave offers up an everyday use case for iBeacon tech that could prove either terrifying or exciting,



Ocado launches free Code For Life tool to help 130,000 apprehensive primary school teachers

The online supermarket has brought the initiative to life due to the fact that almost two thirds of primary school teachers are concerned at a skills gap.Read more:

Watch How Open-Source OpenStreetMap Mapped the Globe In Just 7 Years

A decade ago, OpenStreetMaps launched as a free, open-source alternative to the other mapping tools you may encounter on the internet. Turns out that the collaborative experiment worked exceptionally well, and thanks to a new site,

“日全食”明日上演 我國部分地區可見日偏食


Videos from inside San Bernardino shooting locale show police response

While authorities continue to investigate Wednesday's deadly shooting at the Inland Regional Center in San Bernardino, California, a pair of videos of the response to the incident have emerged.See also: San Bernardino shooting:

別扯了,PC 玩家怎么會擔心 VR 設備無米下鍋?

∵PSVR 擁有可以直接運行一般游戲的「劇場模式」,一個其它平臺無可比擬的優勢;∴PSVR 必勝!Q.E.D老實說,在 PSVR 剛剛公布的時候,看到眾多索飯頭頂青天狂喜亂舞的模樣(至少有一半來自上文證明公式的邏輯),我的想法只有一句話:你們啊,Naive!誠然,我完全可以理解這種「手里有糧,心中不慌」的小戶心態,但如果天真到以為只有自家才是倉廩殷實的朱門豪族、其它派系(沒錯就是那些可笑的 PC 玩家)都是有鍋無米的破落戶……除了 too young too simple,sometimes naive 之外,恐怕再也不會有其它評價了吧。

KFC announces yet another Colonel Sanders

Is there such a thing as Colonel Sanders fatigue?KFC evidently doesn't think so. The fast food chicken chain just announced the fourth actor to play its iconic mascot and founder in the past year.SEE ALSO: KFC just unveiled a (third) new Colonel SandersUnlike previous Colonels,

Aussie swimmer mercilessly trolled on social media after gold medal win

Mackenzie "Mack" Horton may have won an Olympic gold medal Saturday, but he did not win the hearts and minds of hundreds of egg accounts on Twitter.The Australian swimmer beat out arch rival Sun Yang of China in the 400 metre freestyle in Rio de Janeiro.



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