DiRT Rally 2.0 is free to play this weekend with Xbox Live Gold

This weekend, Microsoft is offering DiRT Rally 2.0 to Xbox One owners subscribed to Xbox Live Gold, or get Gold benefits though Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

Microsoft cloud alternatives become top pick for companies who fear Amazon retail domination

Microsoft is making it relatively more convenient for companies stepped in Office or afraid of becoming another Amazon retail statistic, to sign up for Azure.?

Microsoft introduces Bing for Commerce – intelligent search for retail websites

Microsoft has announced two solutions to help retailers online: Bing for Commerce, and Microsoft PromoteIQ.

CES 2020: Lenovo shows off Thinkpad X1 with Windows 10X installed and running

Rich Woods at Neowin did get an exclusive look at the Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Fold running Windows 10X at CES.

How to create and add a signature to emails in Outlook

In our latest Office 365 guide, we'll be taking a look at how you can add a signature to your emails in Outlook

Retail companies choosing Microsoft over hated rival Amazon for cloud services

Microsoft plans to incorporate new tools in its Office applications for retail customers, a move that aims to allow it to compete more aggressively with rivals including Amazon, Slack, and Salesforce.

Microsoft Teams is getting a Walkie Talkie feature, other capabilities for Firstline Workers

Microsoft is planning on adding a new Walkie Talkie feature, and many other new capabilities for the first line workers that use Microsoft Teams.?

Xbox One digital pre-orders open for atmospheric flow-style adventure video game Lumini

Pre-orders for Lumini have opened on Microsoft’s family of Xbox One consoles ahead of the game’s January 22nd release date. Lumini is an atmospheric adventure game designed to create a sense of calm and tranquillity.

Chrome OS has failed to innovate, says Android Police

David Ruddock, the managing editor of the reputable Android blog Android Police shared his disillusionment about the state of Chrome OS in an interesting op-ed titled “Chrome OS has stalled out."

CES 2020: Samsung unveils Galaxy Book Flex Alpha 2-in-1 PC with 13.3″ QLED display

Ahead of the CES 2020 event next week, Samsung has announced its new Galaxy Book Flex Alpha, a more budget-friendly alternative to the signature Galaxy Book Flex.

Google has apparently blocked its Stadia cloud gaming service on the Chromium-based Microsoft Edge

Google’s Stadia cloud gaming service is currently not working on the Chromium-based Edge, with Google apparently blocking the browser’s user agent string.

Microsoft’s OneNote Flies To Top Of The Mac App Store

OneNote for Mac has become most popular free Mac app in the App Store in a single day, besting OS X update Mavericks, which was released in October. The app is now available across both major PC platforms and all three mobile platforms for free. Response has been strong so far.

Oracle報表升級 - 東方瀚海

BIP_將原有Report Builer報表全部轉為XML Publisher形式(案例)2014-05-31 BaoXinjian摘要Oracle Report Builder 因落伍的技術和糟糕的交互性,特別是無法隨心所欲的進行排版,逐漸被淘汰,而BI(XML) Publisher 也是其中的一...

蘋果要求開發者驗證Xcode 給出具體操作方法

上周,Xcode 掛馬事件對 iOS 的安全性操作了很大的影響,國內大量知名應用受到應用。XcodeGhost 惡意軟件也浮出水面,現在蘋果在開發者博客上介紹了驗證 Xcode 的方法,幫助開發者獲得官方的編譯工具。

70-year-old Hillary Clinton supporter gets portrait shaved into her head

Forget Super PACs and party support, all a politician really needs to have a successful campaign is a voter so dedicated that they'll shave your portrait into their head.For Hillary Clinton, that dedicated voter is 70-year-old Maria Anita Monsivaiz.See also:

An Essential Guide To Gun Safety For People Who Hate Guns

There are at least 347 million guns in America. No matter your opinion of them, it is highly likely that you will encounter one at least sometime during your life. This is what everyone needs to know in order to be safe around guns. Read more...


日前有外媒報道稱聯想將逐漸放棄摩托羅拉,而使用MOTO品牌。對此聯想給予回應,聯想不會放棄摩托羅拉,該篇文章是外媒混淆了摩托羅拉和MOTO品牌的細微差別,從而得出的錯誤表述。?  聯想的官方回應是: ?摩托羅拉移動是聯想子公司,并且是聯想全線移動產品研發及設計的驅動力量。對于產品品牌,無論是智能手機還是可穿戴設備,我們將在國際市場采用雙品牌策略:MOTO和VIBE(在中國為樂檬)?! ÷撓胫袊鴧^CMO王傳東表示,摩托羅拉本來就不是一個品牌,是公司名,早在并購之前,摩托羅拉的產品就開始以MOTO來命名了,MOTO X,MOTO G,這都是并購之前就有的產品。

一路奔跑,一路尋找 - 放飛理想

一路奔跑,一路尋找 再好的東西都有失去的一天,再深的記憶也有淡忘的一天。再愛的人也有遠走的一天,再美的夢也有蘇醒的一天。該放棄的決不挽留,該珍惜的決不放手。 -----引自《莎士比亞說》 (一) 新年將近游走過的熟悉街道,我已感受到那洋溢著節日氛圍的熱鬧,不免一聲輕嘆道:能活著真好,人生真的沒有草稿

Android項目開發實戰-2048游戲 - wuyudong

《2048》是一款比較流行的數字游戲,最早于2014年3月20日發行。原版2048首先在GitHub上發布,原作者是Gabriele Cirulli,后被移植到各個平臺。這款游戲是基于《1024》和《小3傳奇》的玩法開發而成的新型數字游戲。游戲源地址:http://gabrielecirulli.g


據說,最光怪陸離的風景,不是在水下,就是在太空。 太空實在太蒼茫,所以我看著眼前的魚兒陷入了迷惘:魚啊魚,據說 […]

圓通速遞上市:阿里系浮盈達數十億 趙薇獲利數千萬


? 云聚網互聯網資訊 我要投稿 云聚網博客 7秒MCN大數據平臺 悠閑吧