Doorbell camera records suspect confess murder, police say

He walked outside with a bloody knife and said he killed his own sister — and a doorbell camera recorded the whole confession, police say.Michael Egwuagu was arrested on Friday for allegedly stabbing his pregnant sister, Jennifer Chioma Ebichi, to death,

Catch a glimpse of the OnePlus Nord in new teaser video

OnePlus Nord, the company's upcoming mid-range phone, has made its first public appearance.?OnePlus posted a teaser video on Instagram and YouTube offering a few brief glimpses of the phone, and certain clues as to what its features may be.?

Best Fourth of July sales: Cheap laptops, camping gear, mattresses

Since its debut in 2015, Prime Day has been unofficially thought of as the summer Black Friday.But with Amazon's decision to push the event back yet again (this time until at least October),

What NASA’s spectacular 10-year timelapse of the sun can teach you

June 2020 marks 10 years since NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO) started watching the sun. Beyond visualising the enormous changes it undergoes during a solar cycle,

10 of the best time travel movies you can watch right now

Is there anything more mind-bending than the concept of time travel?It's a sci-fi staple that goes hand-in-hand with so many complex theories and possibilities that it's something of a double-edged sword in movies: the fictional possibilities are endless, but then so are those of plot holes.

Jump's electric bikes are getting relaunched in London by Lime

Jump's bright red bikes are being relaunched in London, the first big move in Europe since competitor Lime bought the company from Uber in June.Londoners might have seen a few of the red e-bikes lingering around over the last month, but this relaunch marks a more practical alignment with Lime.

Netflix's 'The Baby-Sitters Club' is a delightful update of a classic series

Before I knew if I was a Carrie or a Miranda, before I knew what my favorite Avenger or Disney Princess said about me, I knew I was a Mary Anne.She was the shy, sheltered one in Ann M. Martin's Baby-Sitters Club books, and thus my way into the world they promised: cozy and comfortable,

Why Black activists are fighting for D.C. statehood

As a kid, Demi Stratmon saw the phrase "Taxation without Representation" stamped on the license plates in her home city of D.C. Though she didn't understand it at the time, the slogan's stuck with her.?Now at 21 years old, the meaning has fully sunk in.

Finally, a smartphone wearable that won't annoy you — Future Blink

The teensy device can clip on anything and will buzz you when someone calls, texts, or emails.? Read more...More about Tech, Watercooler, Smartphone, Mashable Video, and Future Blink

FDA bans Juul's most popular pod flavor but leaves a loophole

High schoolers around the country just cried out in unified despair: Their precious mint pods are not long for this world.?The U.S. Food and Drug Administration on Thursday issued new guidelines meant to curb the youth vaping epidemic that, among other actions,

It sure looks like Amazon is retaliating against employee activists now, too

"Just following policy" has to be the weakest of all weak sauce defenses. But sure enough, that's what Amazon is claiming following the news that it's disciplining employees who have organized for climate change activism within the company.

蘋果發布iOS 7.1正式版:帶來大量新添特性



The Sci-Fi Myth of Killer Machines

malachiorion writes: "Remember when, about a month ago, Stephen Hawking warned that artificial intelligence could destroy all humans? It wasn't because of some stunning breakthrough in AI or robotics research. It was because the Johnny Depp-starring Transcendence was coming out. Or,


--公司將作為奧運會官方輪胎供應商東京2014年6月13日電 /美通社/ -- 普利司通公司 (Bridgestone) 6月13日宣布其已與國際奧委會 (IOC) 達成協議,此令這家世界上最大的輪胎和橡膠公司成為奧林匹克官方全球合作伙伴計劃 (TOP)中的一員。

Samsung’s mobile arm suffers a major 30 per cent drop in profit

Samsung has spilled the exact details of its Q2 figures, and the picture is a shaky one, particularly when it comes to the Mobile & IT division.Read more:

保險網銷掀整頓風暴 萬能險集體下架網店


Leaked Renders Show HTC's New Flagship Phone From All Angles

HTC's flagship phone, the One M9, is due to be announced a little over a week from now at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. You don't have to wait to see it though, a new leak from Mobile Geeks looks to be preeeeetty on the money. Read more...

蛇叔:「自拍方便!但冇 Hotshoe 始終差啲」Panasonic Lumix GF7 相機評測

今時今日「影相」同「自拍」已經同等重要,正如選購手機會睇前鏡頭,相機都要睇有冇得自拍,而 Panasonic 今日發佈的「女友」系列 Lumix GF7 就針對自拍而設,屏幕可 180 度揭起,而且還新增多項自拍方式,就算唔按快門都可以輕鬆自拍!

C++內存分配與對象構造的分離 - 青藜學士


How a Film Projector Works, And Why They're Still Mechanical Marvels

When going to see a movie, many of us probably go out of our way to make sure the theater has been upgraded with high-res digital projectors. The golden age of film might be behind us, but as engineer guy Bill Hammack explains, the projector is still an impressive feat of mechanical design,

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