FDA bans Juul's most popular pod flavor but leaves a loophole

High schoolers around the country just cried out in unified despair: Their precious mint pods are not long for this world.?The U.S. Food and Drug Administration on Thursday issued new guidelines meant to curb the youth vaping epidemic that, among other actions,

Reddit bests Facebook by rolling out a superior deepfakes policy

Reddit and Facebook are two very different social media platforms. As true as that may be, however, it's difficult not to conclude “shots fired” with the timing of the former’s newest policy.On Thursday,

Olympic committee bans taking a knee, raising a fist in protest at 2020 Tokyo games

If you happen to be an Olympic athlete, the International Olympic Committee doesn't want you taking a knee at the Tokyo summer games.?Or using hand gestures with a political meaning. Or displaying any political messaging on signs.?On Thursday,

'Jeopardy!' Champs Brad and Ken on how they prepped for this tournament

Brad Rutter and Ken Jennings talk James Holzhauer and how they prepped for 2020's Greatest of All Time tournament. Read more...More about Entertainment, Mashable Video, Alex Trebek, Jeopardy, and Tv Show

Why 'The Crown' won't cover Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's latest developments

When Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan of Sussex announced via their Instagram @sussexroyal that the pair would "step back as 'senior' members of the royal family," everybody had the same thought: this is going to be a dope episode of The Crown one day.?

These YouTube videos of Florence Pugh singing will restore your youth

This morning I (26F) woke up at 5:00 a.m. feeling approximately 82 years old. My head was foggy from exhaustion, my body hurt from a fall I'd taken on the ice, and I was emotionally worn out from the current news cycle. I remained in this sorry state for a few hours,

Subaru's newest car f*cks, if you believe the name they gave it

Subaru unveiled its latest Forrester model and we have to say it: It fucks.?The company showcased a number of new modeals at the 2020 Singapore Motor Show. One, though, stood out from the rest thanks to its extremely confident name.?The Forrester Ultimate Customized Kit Special edition.?The F.U.C.K.

Zuckerberg's New Year's resolution is to give up New Year's resolutions

Giving up? Now that's a resolution the common person can get behind.?Facebook CEO and laser enthusiast Mark Zuckerberg has a decade-long tradition of setting a yearly "personal challenge" for himself. And while they've frequently been, well, a bit odd, this year he's going in a different direction.

It sure looks like Amazon is retaliating against employee activists now, too

"Just following policy" has to be the weakest of all weak sauce defenses. But sure enough, that's what Amazon is claiming following the news that it's disciplining employees who have organized for climate change activism within the company.

If you want to drink more water, get a water bottle with a handle

"Drink more water" is a nice New Year's resolution. It's simple, it's free, and it's pretty much guaranteed to make you feel better. But if reaching constantly for your reusable water bottle — and it should be a reusable water bottle — isn't already habit,

2020 laws that give us hope for the year ahead

Bye forever, 2019. The start of our latest decade has already ushered in a slate of new laws that give us hope for rectifying some of the general chaos that was the 2010s. Of course, plenty remains unfixed. In ?Tennessee, for example,

100元起 羅永浩簽名版錘子手機淘寶開拍

錘子手機終于要發貨了,但初期日不足千臺的發貨量確實很難滿足預訂用戶的需求。不過,真羅粉來淘寶拍賣會看一下吧,一臺羅永浩簽名的錘子手機Smartisan T1就要開拍啦。

An Accidental Wikipedia Hoax

Andreas Kolbe writes: The Daily Dot's EJ Dickson reports how she accidentally discovered that a hoax factoid she added over five years ago as a stoned sophomore to the Wikipedia article on "Amelia Bedelia,

盤古越獄團隊更新了關于 Cydia 的最新動態


過馬路好好玩 交通燈都有機打

過馬路等待公仔轉綠時,你會做些什麼呢?在德國 Hildesheim 街頭,市民就可以一邊等待一邊和馬路另一邊的行人對戰打機;因為交通燈安裝了有兩名德國人設計的 ActiWait。

【極客體驗】為何我愿意將 Moto 360 刷上出門問問的 Rom?

俄羅斯專家研制出仿真機器人 有望為宇航員代勞


Catalan town holds death-defying human tower competition

Tarragona, a Catalan town 60 miles south of Barcelona, holds an annual summer festival with a spellbinding and death-defying main attraction: human towers.Every year, thousands of people head to the town square to watch teams assemble massive towers, called castells, using their own bodies.


福州2015年9月30日電 /美通社/ -- “十一”國慶長假即將來臨,為方便客戶的出行,平安壽險、產險相繼推出多項便民舉措,保障客戶的出行安全。

李彥宏語音包植入百度地圖 被玩壞的卻是他?

“既然路早已在心里,為什么要讓自己偏離航道。我聽從自己的聲音,我要為自己導航”。? ? ? ? 這句話是百度“廠長”李彥宏為百度地圖十周年的獻聲。在看到高德地圖加入林志玲和郭德綱“兩位人氣偶像”的語音包后,李彥宏親自出山,為百度地圖錄制了“霸道總裁”式的導航語音包。? ? ? ? 地圖服務已經被互聯網巨頭認為是O2O的最佳入口,而百度地圖和高德地圖分別作為百度和阿里在O2O上的排頭兵,已經展開了數次激烈的“交火”。? ? ? ? 就在上個月底,高德地圖在官方微博上發布聲明,稱百度搜索惡意誤導用戶,攔截高德地圖下載,甚至引導和推薦自家的地圖服務。而百度則回應稱,“別鬧!



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