Australia's raging bushfires are smothering New Zealand with smoke

Australians have been choking on smoke for weeks as enormous bushfires rage across the country. Now, that thick blanket of haze has descended upon their neighbours, with New Zealanders waking on New Year's Day to a very apocalyptic-looking 2020.Smoke from Australia's fires blew 1,

Vivo's new Apex concept phone has zero ports and a 7.5x optical zoom camera

Vivo's first Apex phone, unveiled in Feb. 2018, was the first functional phone with nearly no bezels and a pop-up selfie camera. It was just a concept, but it was way ahead of its time, with countless manufacturers later ditching various display-obstructing elements from their phones, one by one.?

8 of the best online courses to kickstart your photography career

There is more to a photography career than you might think. With everything from night time shooting, photo editing in Lightroom, and drone shots, the world of cameras is constantly expanding and there is always something new to learn.

Lady Gaga's 'Stupid Love' video is a joyous alien desert rave epic shot on iPhone 11

In a galaxy far, far away from the shallow, there is finally a new Lady Gaga single that has nothing to do with Bradley Cooper.?The clip for 'Stupid Love', a regulation rah-rah-mode Gaga banger with arpeggiated synths for days, was reportedly filmed on an iPhone 11,

Seth Meyers breaks down why Trump's coronavirus response should reassure 'absolutely nobody'

The coronavirus keeps spreading, having killed nearly 3,000 people worldwide. However President Donald Trump has strictly focused his attention on what truly matters: the resultant stock market plummet's impact on his reelection campaign.During Thursday's episode of Late Night,

Pandemic simulation game 'Plague Inc' pulled from China's App Store

Pandemic simulator Plague Inc. became China's top paid iOS download in January, as players flocked to the game in the wake of coronavirus concerns. Now the game has been taken down from China's App Store, with the Cyberspace Administration of China citing "illegal content."Plague Inc.

U.S. wireless carriers face $200 million in FCC fines for mishandling customer data

Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint, and AT&T can definitely hear the FCC now.?The nation's largest mobile providers are facing potentially hundreds of millions of dollars in fines after the Federal Communications Commission determined the companies didn't adequately protect customers' location data.

Worried about coronavirus? Stop touching your face.

Full disclosure: In the process of writing this, I've touched my face not one, not two, but 37 times. I started counting after Face Touch #3, when I realized I might have a problem. By then, the truth was out: Like so many living, breathing humans before me, from time to time I touch my face.?

Food and fuel run low as thousands flee Australia's devastating fires

The crisis in Australia is worsening as unprecedented bushfires cut thousands of people off from food, water, and fuel. It's a new year, but not a happy one.Massive queues have formed outside supermarkets along New South Wales' south coast,

New, cute photo of Archie and Prince Harry has heartwarming backstory

There's more to the adorable Archie and his hat than meets the eye.?Prince Harry and Meghan Markle shared a video to their Instagram the day before the New Year which included a photo of their almost 8-month-old son wearing a pom-pom hat as he snuggles with his father.?

Free New Year's resolution idea: Learn to cook one new thing

New Year's resolutions are generally a scourge, but if you must make one it's best to choose something quantifiable.?You could dream up a super broad goal with multiple phases, micro-goals to achieve your desired end. That would be fine. Or you could do something extremely easy, with only one step.

iOS版Hangouts更新iOS版 適配iOS7新增短視頻信息

2月28日,據科技博客Techcrunch報道,Google今日發布全新的iOS版Google+ Hangouts。新版本首次針對iOS 7系統進行了優化,有全新的載入界面和菜單,外觀也更清爽,排版也與之前不同。此外,新版Hangouts還增加



js 語法高亮插件之 Prism.js - 亂碼.

之前也介紹過幾款語法高亮插件《為博客園選擇一個小巧霸氣的語法高亮插件》以及關于他們的綜合性能《再議 語法高亮插件的選擇》。今天在小影志博客看到《使用 Prism.



Marley Spoon, The Cook-At-Home Food Delivery Service Backed By GFC, Launches In U.S.

“I think more and more startups will take?some portions of the massive billion dollar supermarket industry. And there are many ways into it,” says an upbeat-sounding Fabian Siegel, co-founder Marley Spoon. After debuting in Germany last year, followed by the Netherlands and U.K.,

Apple News被競爭對手嘲笑:落后我們五年




野蠻生長終成夢 網吧為何僅成80后回憶?


Agender model Photoshops Victoria's Secret models onto her body: 'Different can be sexy, too'

The Victoria's Secret show premieres tonight and though there's much excitement brewing, there's one model who isn't too thrilled. Agender model Rain Dove, the same who we profiled in this video during New York Fashion Week,

Texas woman gives birth to her own granddaughter through surrogacy

A North Texas woman has given birth to her own granddaughter after serving as a surrogate for her daughter.At age 54, Tracey Thompson of Plano delivered a 6-pound 11-ounce girl after serving as surrogate for her 28-year-old daughter, Kelley McKissack.(function(d, s, id) { var js, fjs = d.

? 云聚網互聯網資訊 我要投稿 云聚網博客 7秒MCN大數據平臺 悠閑吧