Australia's raging bushfires are smothering New Zealand with smoke

Australians have been choking on smoke for weeks as enormous bushfires rage across the country. Now, that thick blanket of haze has descended upon their neighbours, with New Zealanders waking on New Year's Day to a very apocalyptic-looking 2020.Smoke from Australia's fires blew 1,

Tesla launches 'S3XY' short shorts, breaks its website

Elon Musk wasn't kidding about launching Tesla shorts.?Over the weekend, the Tesla CEO announced the new product on Twitter: Tesla short shorts with "S3XY" emblazoned on the back. They've proven so popular that the website went down at one point (as of publication time, it's working again).?

Uber is reportedly buying Postmates for $2.65 billion

Uber is reportedly acquiring food delivery start-up Postmates for $2.65 billion, with official confirmation of the all-stock buyout expected as soon as Monday.?The news was reported Sunday by Bloomberg and The New York Times, both of which cited anonymous sources with knowledge of the deal.

These might be the best IT certifications to add to your CV

TL;DR: The Complete 2020 IT Certification bundle is on sale for £31.31 as of July 6, saving you 97% on list price.If CVs were Twitter profiles, certifications would be verification badges. They're not the most important feature to your page,

Become a top social media manager with this comprehensive online course

TL;DR: The Become a Social Media Manager Certification bundle is on sale for £23.27 as of July 6, saving you 97% on list price.The 2010s, also known as the social media era, reconfigured the way we interact with each other. Just when we thought SMS was already instantaneous,

The 15 absolute best original series on Netflix

2020 has been a particularly long "year," but our streaming subscriptions flourish more than ever. It's entirely likely that you or someone you know has recently uttered the phrase "I've watched everything in my queue," or "I've seen everything on Netflix."No, sweetie, you haven't.

'The Hobbit' is getting a new audiobook edition read by Andy Serkis

As if we needed an excuse to dive back into J.R.R. Tolkien's The Hobbit, a new audiobook version of the prelude to The Lord of the Rings read by Andy Serkis is coming out in September.To tease the release of this version of The Hobbit,

Protests surged nationwide on July 4 in a collective call for a better America

Independence Day in the United States saw thousands and thousands of protesters eschewing the typical traditions of relaxed grilling and celebration to instead continue the fight against racism and violence against Black people with inspiring marches, speeches,

Food and fuel run low as thousands flee Australia's devastating fires

The crisis in Australia is worsening as unprecedented bushfires cut thousands of people off from food, water, and fuel. It's a new year, but not a happy one.Massive queues have formed outside supermarkets along New South Wales' south coast,

New, cute photo of Archie and Prince Harry has heartwarming backstory

There's more to the adorable Archie and his hat than meets the eye.?Prince Harry and Meghan Markle shared a video to their Instagram the day before the New Year which included a photo of their almost 8-month-old son wearing a pom-pom hat as he snuggles with his father.?

Free New Year's resolution idea: Learn to cook one new thing

New Year's resolutions are generally a scourge, but if you must make one it's best to choose something quantifiable.?You could dream up a super broad goal with multiple phases, micro-goals to achieve your desired end. That would be fine. Or you could do something extremely easy, with only one step.

國行Galaxy S5來了:四大版本任選

上月底在巴厘島舉行的的2014三星論壇上,三星正式發布了國行版Galaxy S5,并表示它會在4月11在國內正式上市?,F如今,國行Galaxy S5終于開始了入網審查之路。

Vishal Sikka Decides Summer Off Is Overrated; Named CEO At Infosys

Rumors have been flying for weeks that former SAP executive, Vishal Sikka would be joining Infosys as its CEO and this morning, the company made it official,?naming him CEO and Managing Director.

TUV南德參加香港新界百萬行 致力公益慈善

香港2015年3月16日電 /美通社/ -- 3月15日,TUV南德意志集團(以下間稱TUV SUD)香港分公司參加由公益金舉辦的新界區百萬行。

新國標出臺 或可揭開空氣凈化器“性價比”疑云


文章: 最值得關注的20個優秀企業技術博客

想獲得第一手的新聞線索但無從下手?想確認最準確的行業動態但找不到來源?InfoQ編輯們的日常工作就是在第一時間內搜索、更新來自四面八方的新聞線索,收集最有價值的新聞信息?,F在,向大家推薦InfoQ編輯們最常去的20個優秀知名企業技術博客,如果您對行業內最新技術感興趣,請一定要關注這篇文章。 By 劉嘉洋


數據分析(Data Analysis)——這個詞真的是如雷貫耳,裝B一絕??!甭管什么玩意,上來先整一通再說?!?...

Android Studio快速添加Gson以及GsonFormat的使用 - 老師說要用博客

目錄: 一、Android Studio快速添加Gson 二、Android Studio中GsonFormat的使用 三、在線JSON校驗格式化工具 一、Android Studio快速添加Gson 具體操作: 1

京城多家餐廳推打賞被指變相小費 消費者普遍反感


手把手教你DIY一個春運遷徙圖(一) - 木的樹

換了新工作,也確定了我未來數據可視化的發展方向。新年第一篇博客,又逢春運,這篇技術文章就來交給大家如何做一個酷炫的遷徙圖(支持移動哦)。(求star?代碼點這里) 遷徙圖的制作思路分為靜態的元素和變換的動畫。其中動畫是圍繞著靜態的元素變換,所以我們首要的任務就是如何繪制靜態的元素。 仔細看一下,靜態

蘋果今年三月發布Apple Pencil2 支持磁力吸附功能

【媒體報導】前不久蘋果一項專利被曝光,Apple Pencil支持了磁力吸附等功能,現在這個專利馬上要變成現實了。因為國外媒體報道,蘋果今年會在三月份公布新款的Apple Pencil2,就會加入磁力吸附的功能。不僅如此蘋 ... ...

? 云聚網互聯網資訊 我要投稿 云聚網博客 DeepHub IMBA

最精准双色球预测专家 重庆时时什么时候开盘 st股票有哪些 河北快3预测推荐和值 极速赛车为什么老是输 分配工资会计分录 最新平码公式算法 重庆快乐十分手机购买 pk10走势图规律 陕西11选五在线预测 浙江十一选五开奖复式